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Who Will Be the Oakland Raiders Nickel Corner?

Earlier today I used ESPN's AFC West secondary rankings to launch into our thoughts for the Oakland Raiders 2011 secondary. Obviously there is a lot of uncertainty with the Raiders secondary. Two of the four starters are free agents, and it is likely they will both be gone.

And if they do in fact both depart the Raiders are left with only more uncertainty. There is going to be a lot of playing time in the secondary that is going to have to be filled by first and second year players. And unless the Raiders sign a free agent at least one of those first or second year players will have to be in the top three on the corner depth chart.

So, which guy is it going to be?

We are choosing between DVD, Chimdi Chekwa, lil' McFadden and Jeremy Ware.

I am going to say Chekwa. I think he is a little more prepared mentally and physically compared to DVD. The sky is the limit for DVD's future, but right now I am giving the edge to Chekwa.

As for the second year guys, if the Raiders were happy with them they probably wouldn't have drafted two guys this year. I think McFadden is a dark horse. If he can stay healthy, and get some confidence going maybe he will prove he can make it in the NFL. If he doesn't he might soon be off the roster altogether.