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Former Raider QB Kerry Collins Calls it Quits

Kerry Collins has decided, or at least he announced his decision, on Thursday  to end his 16 year career. The timing will certainly benefit the Titans as they will be looking to bring in a veteran to mentor rookie QB Jake Locker. This will free them up to pursue other veteran free agent QBs, and maybe they were anyway. This may be why Collins decided to call it a career. Who knows? And, who cares?

I only care about this news for one reason: Collins spent two years as a Raiders. So while Collins will retire as ninth all-time in completions and 10th all-time in passing yards at 40,441 yards, I am going to ignore that and mention his stats in Silver and Black.

Collins was largely viewed as a giant disappointment as a Raider QB, but in hindsight he doesn't seem so bad. Collins came to the Raiders trying to fill Rich Gannon's shoes as the Raiders were just a year removed from a run of dominance.

In two years as the Raiders' QB Collins started 28 games. He threw for 7,250 yards and 41 touchdowns. The Raiders haven't had anywhere near the kind of production over a two year stretch since he left. In fact, last year was the first year the Raiders received anything near the kind of production Collins brought in one season. And Gradkowski and Campbell's stats still don't meet Collins production.

Of course, those players also didn't match Collins interception production. Collins threw 32 picks as a Raiders. He chucked a league leading 20 picks in 2004 in just 13 games. Oh, and he also had to put up with Jerry Porter and Randy Moss quitting on half the passes he was going to throw to them.

Collins was far, far from a great Raider QB, but he was even further from being the worst. Happy trails, Kerry. 

If for nothing else the announcement of his retirement is worth contemplating by Raider fans as it helps us put in perspective the cycle of disgusting this team finally broke last year.