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Delving Deeper into the Oakland Raiders' Offseason Priority List

A couple of weeks ago we discussed what should be the Oakland Raiders' first priority when the lockout ends. I say Zach Miller, and it seems like most people agree. Now it's time to dive into the next couple of items on the list. Just to recap here my disclaimers for my priority list:

"Obviously they are going to get going on many fronts at once. But some things will have to take a certain order of priority as there are limited resources. In other words, re-signing Nnamdi, Bush, Miller and landing big name free agents can't all happen at the same time because there simply isn't enough money. So, what should be the first and most important domino to fall.

"I am of the mind that the Raiders have internally decided that Nnamdi is gone. I am not trying to say that they don't want him back, just that they have not made room for the $15 million or so it will take to get him back. So, I am just taking him off of my priority list.

"If, for some unforeseen reason, the offers don't come in for him like anticipated and the money is lower I am sure the Raiders will get involved."

Another thing I am taking off my priority list is the signing of rookies. This can happen while the Raiders conduct their other business.

Okay, so onto the list, after the jump....


No. 2: Sign Kamerion Wimbley to a long term deal/Roster Cleaning

The case could be made that this needs to be the No. 1 priority, but I say the Raiders sign Miller, and then figure out the cap situation from there. 

The Raiders need to get Wimbley off of his $11-plus million franchise tag. Wimbley is clearly not worth that much, but at the same time he showed he is a great value to the team. There is little risk to signing Wimbley long term, as long as he is reasonably about the deal. That could be questionable given that he has over $ 11 million coming to him guaranteed this year. The Raiders would likely have to give Wimbley a big signing bonus and a long contract to limit the cap hit.

Wimbley is only 27, and he does not have any red flags injury wise. Even if he is replaced at linebacker he will have value as a pass rush specialist for years.

The rest of the moves will be largely dependent on how they are in relation to the cap, but no matter what, they need to make sure they leave room for this next item.

No. 3: Sign a Right Tackle

The only reason this isn't No. 2 is because the Raiders need to clear up cap room before they decide who they can bring in. But no matter what they have to bring in someone that is a proven tackle commodity in the NFL. That may be re-signing Langston Walker or Mario Henderson or bringing in an outside free agent. 

This is more important than trying to bring back Huff or bringing in his replacement. This takes priority over signing Michael Bush (although that should be pretty easy now). This takes precedence over everything else. The Raiders cannot leave the right tackle position up for competition between to untested players in Bruce Campbell and Joe Barksdale. At the very least, there HAS to be a fall back plan here.


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