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The Oakland Raiders 2011 Record Will Be...

Already? A poll about the Raiders win total? This is a joke, right? We don't even know who is going to be on the roster yet? Hell, we don't even know how many games, if any, will be played in 2011?

No, I am not joking. I've always been prone to premature prognostication. So, I figure we'll poll now, then after free agency has run its course, and right before the start of the season.

As it stands now, I imagine I am going to come in on the low end of this. I see all the free agents; I see the probability of a severe lack of cap room, and I envision a lot of young guys playing a lot of snaps.

That leaves a team with talent and potential. Potential for greatness, and potential for mistakes. So right now, I am predicting seven wins. And I predict that while expecting my prediction to improve after free agency runs it course.

I believe that somehow, someway the Raiders will find a way to fill a couple of these holes. I just don't see how they are going to do it. And I am trying hard to prognosticate with my head and not my heart.

Give me a right tackle, and/or a free safety or corner with experience—and I'm not talking pro bowlers, I'm talking about serviceable starters, and I'm up to nine wins.

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