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Looking at the Raiders Free Safety Position

I think one of the bigger holes for the Raiders going into the 2011 season is the free safety position, and the problem with having a hole there is there is very little talent available in free agency. Other than Eric Weddle and Michael Huff I'm not sure there is a player there that anyone is going to say is better than Hiram Eugene.

And that means those two guys are going to get contracts for more than they're worth. The good news about all of this is, I don't think replacing Michael Huff is that big of a task. Huff's coverage skills are severely lacking. Are more than anything, this is what I want from the Raiders free safety. Someone that can read a pass play and get to the right spot.

So, with that in mind, I don't think Hiram Eugene is that big of a drop off from Huff. But that also doesn't mean the starting job is his. Stevie Brown got a decent amount of run at free safety last year. There is also the possibility that the Raiders would try to move Tyvon Branch or Mike Mitchell to free safety.

I think that would be an absolute disaster. I also don't think it is going to happen, but I see it get mentioned a lot. So I figured I'd bring it up.

There is also the chance that one of the young guys will make the move to free safety. I think there is a very good chance of this. However, I don't think it is realistic for any of these guys to switch and start there in Week One. And that is what I want to know. Who do you want starting at FS in Week One.

I am torn between Brown and Eugen, but I am giving the edge to Brown because I am hoping he made some strides heading into year two.