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2011 Oakland Raiders Free Agents: Zach Miller is Close to Re-Signing

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Zach Miller is about to continue his run with the Oakland Raiders and officially put to end his stint as a 2011 NFL free agent. Jerry McDonald reported that a team source told him the two sides were working out the final details of a contract. So, breathe deeply, Raider Nation—the Zach attack is coming back.

I still wouldn't be surprised to see this signing a few days to become official. As I mentioned earlier, I am guessing that some of these final details involve how Zach is going to receive his millions. Will it be in a signing bonus that in the eyes of the cap is stretched out over a long term, or will it be in a big first or second year guaranteed salary? I imagine they are going to do everything they can to clear cap room for this season.

Obviously, until the deal is official anything could happen, but it's not going to. Zach is going to be a Raider. He was always going to be a Raider. Jump over for some tasty highlights....

Oakland Raider Zach Miller (via RaidersFade2Black)