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Oakland Raiders Training Camp, Day 3: News, Notes and Pictures

We've already discussed the injuries that occurred at the Raiders training camp, but the news wasn't all bad. They guys got in a good day of work. Unless they were over 30. In which case they could have the day off. There were no pads for this practice, but as we are learning, that doesn't mean much when Hue Jackson is calling the shots. Players are still getting hit.

I am going to give a brief pictorial recap of the days events, based on reports by Jerry McDonald and Vittorio Tafur. All the pictures come to us via

  • I thought the most interesting piece of news came from Jerry McDonald. He mentioned that Jacoby Ford's injury was going to be a setback because the Raiders' offense was featuring a lot more motion and shifting and that Jacoby Ford was the centerpiece. I don't see this as being that big of a setback, if Ford is back in a couple of weeks. The offense can practice with someone else in that role. Most importantly, I like the sound of motion and shifting. This offense has a lot of versatile and dynamic players. 

Jump over for more highlights and the pics....

  • Cooper Carlise is one of the over 30 players that was off. Undrafted rookie Roy Schuening. took his place on the line and Coach Wisniewski singled him out at least once for blocking the hell out of someone in live drills. Looking at him, I believe it.


  • Speaking of coach Wiz, Veldheer got his lunch eaten by Matt Shuaghnessy to start practice off. Veld got a few pointers from the coach, and was able to block Shaughness on the next plays.
  • If the Raiders don't sign another tackle, I hope this guy is ready to start over Khalif Barnes:


And it sounds promising early. Barksdale held his own against Lamarr Houston today. While it is way to early to read much into that, we can say that going against Lamarr in practice will accelerate Barksdale's learning curve, and most importantly his intensity meter.

  • Taiwan Jones didn't take a big hit today, but that was because he didn't participate in the drills. Nothing serious


  • Chaz Schilens is healthy and looking great in camp. He even took a hit and bounced right back up. Can we just put him on the stationary bike until the season starts now?


  • By the sounds of it, Rolando McClain has become a bigger presence and a much more vocal leader of the defense. 


  • Louis Murphy is having a solid camp. However, at least in this picture, it does not appear as if he is being forced to beat blanket coverage. I don't know if this was from a live drill or what, but I do know Ware better bring it better than that or he is going to be out of a job soon.


  • Denarius Moore made a couple of nice grabs. We were all excited to see this kid once he was drafted, and so far it sounds like he is justifying those expectations.