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Crossing Mid-Air Paths With the Raiders' Zach Miller

Okay, so I am currently 10,000 feet above the earth because I am traveling to Napa to meet up with Saint and rock the Raiders' training camp for thee days, and I decided to purchase the in-flight WiFi—which is a total rip-off—so I could check what the Raider buzz was this glorious afternoon. And I'll be damned if this afternoon no longer seems so glorious. Zach Miller is visiting the Seahawks?! I may actually be crossing him mid-air as I left Sea-Tac and head to Oakland.

It was just yesterday that I wrote a post citing reports that Zach was close to reaching a deal, and just prior to that I wrote a post preaching patience and advised that we resist the temptation of worry. I am now a little worried.

The Seahawks have money to burn, and Paul Allen and Pete Carroll know how to roll out the red carpet. There is nothing good that can come of this. They are either going to sign Zach Miller, or they are going to drive his price up. That's the breaks I guess. I can't imagine Zach leaving without giving the Raiders at least a chance to come close to the Seahawks offer. If the Raiders are willing or able to match that offer is another subject.

If Zach leaves it is far from the end of the world. He missed time last year, and played over half of the season at far less than 100 percent, and surprisingly the offense hardly missed him. We need look no further than the game against the very team he is visiting. Zach pulled up lame in that game, and the Raiders rolled to a 33-3 victory.

I am not trying to say I don't want Zach back. I do. I'm just saying it won't be the end of the world. The Raiders are in a unique position to fill any production loss by Miller. They can get blocking out of Meyers, Barnes of Gordon and their unique running backs can fill add duties catching the ball in a variety of ways.