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Oakland Raiders Sign Kamerion Wimbley to Huge Deal

The Oakland Raiders' have inked Kamerion Wimbley to a five year contract. Wimbley is now among one of the highest paid linebackers in the league, which seems a little excessive to a guy that excels in only one area: pass rushing. However, that is a valuable area to excel in. And this deal is likely going to save the Raiders big bucks on the cap this year. 

Wimbley signed for five years and $48 million dollars—$29 million is guaranteed. I have not seen the terms of the contract revealed, but my guess is Wimbley is getting a low salary this year, and a huge signing bonus. That will limit his cap hit for this year.

While I think he is a bit overpaid, I am happy to have him back, and the need to get him off of the franchise contract made this move a necessity. His deficiencies as an overall linebacker will dissipate if the Rolando McClain improves and they get better play at the other outside linebacker position.

Props to Macrfromda510 who has been all over it today, and broke the news for us on S&BP. Jump over for some highlights....

Kamerion Wimbley Off-season Training (via DLocascio9)