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Raiders' Path to Kelvin Hayden is Clearing

The Raiders are so thin on experience at corner, that I find myself hoping that they will add someone, anyone with experience. So, I took the reports that the Raiders were interested in free agent corner Kelvin Hayden as a very good thing. At the time of the report, Jason LaCanfora said he had heard that the Bears, Redskins and Raiders all had shown interest.

Well, we can cross the Bears off of the list. Kelvin Hayden visited the Bears on Monday, and they are apparently no longer interested. This news comes to us via the Chicago Tribune:

"Multiple sources said the Bears decided not to sign the cornerback after Hayden visited training camp and took a physical Monday."

Of course this news is as bad as it is good. It likely means that Kelvin Hayden's physical revealed enough question marks that the Bears didn't feel he was worth signing. He is coming off of a neck injury.

The Raiders would need Hayden, or any other corner to be an every down player. They just need someone as an insurance policy for injuries, and to play nickel if the young guys can't hack it. It remains to be seen how Hayden would fit in the Raiders man heavy scheme. He has spent his career in the cover-2 system with the Colts. But like I said at the beginning—I don't really care. It would just be nice to know that there is someone besides Routt and CJ on the roster with legitimate NFL experience.