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Oakland Raiders: Hue Jackson Updates Chaz Schilens' Injury

The seemingly permanently injured Oakland Raider Chaz Schilens is once again injured. Hue Jackson told reporters that last night after the game he was walking around the locker room, which is way better than having his leg amputated. But this is Chaz Schilens we are talking about, and unfortunately, minor injuries just seem to roll into big ones. In other words, we may not be out of the woods for that amputation yet.

Hue Jackson is speaking with the media right now, but thanks to the CSN's Paul Gutierrez and the fabulous world of Twitter we can pretend like we are there. Gutierrez:

Hue Jackson says they are "further evaluating" Eugene and Schilens' injuries: "I think as we go through the week we'll know more."

Just jumping wildly to conditioned conclusions, I don't like this. We've been down this road before. Any time they need more time to evaluate a Schilens injury things just kind of linger in the state until the season is all but over. Again, I feel horrible for Chaz. He seems like a hard-worker, and by all accounts he has done what he needs to do to rehabilitate his injuries. The guy is in great shape, and he has perpetually been on the cusp of stardom while playing for a salary near the league minimum.

I hope he bucks all trends and has a speedy recovery. For his sake more than the Raiders. Unlike the past couple of years, the Raiders actually seem to have the receiver depth that an injury to Schilens will not be as crippling.