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Oakland Raiders: Chimdi Chekwa Preparing to Rescue Raiders' Secondary

Chimdi Chekwa watched the Oakland Raiders first preseason game, and his shoulder started feeling remarkably better. Now, I am just speculating, but I am guessing he saw Arizona QBs completing passes to either well-covered or wide open receivers and thought, "my team needs me." Obviously, I don't know if that is the case or not, but I do know his shoulder is feeling better. Friday night Chekwa tweeted:

"Ayyeee...I may practice tomorrow."

Officially Chekwa "nicked" his shoulder. Unofficially, it was dislocated. The fact that he is already contemplating hitting the practice field is a great. Initially, I expected it would be almost another two weeks before he returned. Chekwa needs to get some reps and he needs to get them fast. Prior to training camp he is the DB most of us felt would be the most ready to assume nickel responsibilities.

Nothing has happened to change my belief in that. While Chekwa hasn't been on the field, the rest of the guys have, and they look anything but ready.