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Oakland Raiders: Let Sterling Moore Start Against the 49ers

Sterling Moore has been the one young Oakland Raider corner that has made any plays in training camp or their one preseason game. Yet, he is probably still a longshot to make the roster. He is an undrafted free agent, and his place on the depth chart was revealed with his sparse playing time against the Cardinals in the preseason opener.

That needs to change. The Raiders need to see exactly what they have in this young corner, and they desperately need at least one of the young corners to prove that they are ready to play in 2011.

So I say throw him into the fire. Let him start and play the first half against the 49ers. The Raiders can give the aging and somewhat injury prone Chis Johnson the night off.

This will allow for plenty of reps and experience to the other young corners. But, more importantly, the Raiders will be able to see if Sterling Moore is actually the most NFL ready out of this group. There is very little to lose and a lot to gain with this move.