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Oakland Raiders: Hue Jackson Gives Chaz Schilens Injury Timeline

Chaz Schilens sprained his knee, and Hue Jackson said the sometimes healthy Oakland Raider is week-to-week. According to Steve Corkran Jackson went onto say that he was being extra cautious given with Schilens given his injury history. I'm not so sure it matters how cautious you are with Schilens.. If he is healthy, thank your lucky stars, an get him out on the field. Then when he is hurt again, you take him out.

And while the news that he is week-to-week is a relief, I'll believe it when I see it. I am not sure Schilens has returned from an injury without a complication since he has been a Raider. Get well soon, Chaz. Anything he produces for this team is a bonus. When it comes to Chaz, i am well beyond having expectations.

On a far more serious injury note, Hiram Eugene needs hip surgery. Here's to hoping everything goes well for Hiram. There are a lot of complications when it comes to hip injuries and surgeries.

On a more positive note, it sounds like Louis Murphy is about to return. And for the first time that I have seen, Jackson said he strained his hammy. Hopefully this hamstring flu isn't as contagious as the one that ravaged camp last year.