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Oakland Raiders: Stephon Heyer Misses Valuable Reps with Triceps Injury

Stephon Heyer is out of action right now for the Oakland Raiders, and any way you slice that it is a bad thing, but hopefully it is just a very temporary stay from action. Heyer is listed as being out with a strained triceps. And as long as it is just strained, that is not too bad, but this is the Raiders—we may find out sometime this week that his triceps exploded.

Heyer said it was minor, and that he expected to be back to action soon. Here is some info I found on about triceps injury recover times:

What is the treatment for a minor triceps tear? Treatment options include rest, ice, heat, pain relief and mobility and strength exercises. The recovery time for a minor triceps tear can be one to four weeks.

What is the treatment for a major triceps tear? Treatment is surgery followed by intensive physical therapy. The recovery time for a major triceps tear is four to six months.

Even if the injury is minor, it is still a setback. Heyer needs all the reps he can get. He has been bouncing all over the line. And it is starting to look like he has a very good shot at being the starting left guard. Heyer has very little experience at left guard and he could use all the reps he can get there.