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Is New Oakland Raiders Over/Under Win Total a Good Bet?

The new Super Bowl and season win/under totals are in. The Oakland Raiders odds show slight improvement over their preseason odds from last year. Although, I am not as confident as I was last year in taking the over.

The MGM sportsbook lists the Raiders at 40-1 to win the Super Bowl, and they have the over/under win total at seven—with a slight lean favoring the under. Over bets are plus-100 and the under is minus-120.

Last year the over/under was at six. At the time, I came out and said this was easy money. I was near 100 percent confident that that bet would at the very least net a push. Jump over for more Raider prognosticating....

This year, I am starting to feel pretty good that the Raiders will at the very least get a push. Although depth concerns at corner and linebacker limit my confidence level. As the Raiders stand now, a long term injury at either of those positions could be problematic.

Still, I am feeling pretty good. Trying to think of this as objectively as possible, I am calling this Raider team a nine win team. I hold the thought that any team has a reasonable variance of plus or minus two wins. This coming down to the way the funky oblong ball bounces. In other words, if the Raiders were to get the short end of the breaks, they would wind up at seven wins, and if they got the good end, they would get 11 wins.

That projection again makes this a fabulous money play, but that is where the depth fear comes. Al help us if Routt and CJ both miss time this year.

On the bright side, I am starting to feel better about the o-line. The re-signing of Satele was huge. Hopefully this allows Wisniewski to take over at left guard, which leaves my only real concern at the right tackle position, and I am growing increasingly hopeful that Joe Barksdale will be able to handle this spot sooner rather than later.

Also, everything I have seen out of Jared Veldheer tells me he is ready to take the next step. And if the Veldheer takes that next step, Wiz and Barksdale are legit NFL starters this year, and the defense stays healthy that 40-1 Super Bowl could make us rich.

What's your projection?