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Oakland Raiders: Thoughts on Way Too Early Point Spreads for Each Game

It seems a little silly to list the point spreads for all the Oakland Raiders and the rest of the NFL regular season games already. It seems even sillier to have done it before the lockout ended, but that is exactly what Cantor Gaming did.

I am assuming they are updating these lines, but all the information I found leads me to believe these lines are locked in until Week One.

Cantor gaming in June released pointspread projections for the entire season and has the following predictions on the Raiders. If they are, run to the sports book. There are some great money plays on the Raiders.

Mike Colbert, the company's race and sports book director said, " the Raiders, Rams and Lions will be improved this season." But they only have the Raiders favored in four games! Jump over for the lines....


I could literally spend weeks breaking down these matchups, but it is ludicrous to do so at this point of the season. So after each game, I just offer some quick thoughts on which bets are the best play. Don't read too much into them.

Week 1: Oakland +1.0 at Denver

My goodness. This is the best bet I have ever seen. While the Broncos look a lot better off since they decided to keep Orton, I fail to see how this reworked and undermanned defense is going to be ready to stop the Raiders rushing attack that tore them to shreds in 2010. Note: This spread was the same at, which has a more recent listing for Week One.

Easy Money

Week 2: Oakland +1.0 at Buffalo

A road game against a team that should be improved from last year, but again, this is another team with a suspect run defense.

Great Bet

Week 3: N.Y. Jets at Oakland +3.0

The Jets have not been a good matchup for the Raiders. This will be a good test of the run D. The Raiders are good enough to win any game, but I wouldn't touch this bet.

No Play

Week 4: New England at Oakland +5.5

Another tough matchup here. I don't like the thought of the Patriots quick spread passing attack neutralizing the Raiders pass rush and spreading out a thin secondary. Not touching this one.

No Play

Week 5: Oakland +3.0 at Houston

I am so sick of losing to Houston. I think the Raiders have a great shot at winning this game with their improved passing attack freeing up the run game against this suspect defense, but the way this team carved up the Raiders run D last year, I'd stay away from this bet, too.

No Play

Week 6: Cleveland at Oakland -3.5

Cleveland is a team in transition. Giving 3.5 points isn't enough to scare me away from this bet. This is a solid play.

Good Bet

Week 7: Kansas City at Oakland -3

The Raiders are going to win this one by 50. That said, as a general rule, I don't like to bet on Raiders-Chiefs games—anything can happen.

No Play

Week 8: Bye

The Raiders have never lost to BYE.

Week 9: Denver at Oakland -6.0

This is a more reasonable spread for these two teams. The Raiders should be able to cover, but if you are going to bet Raiders-Broncos take the Week One gimme.

Take Week One Instead

Week 10:  Oakland +7.0 at San Diego

Plus-7? Did nobody see the Raiders sweep the Chargers last year?

Good Bet

Week 11: Oakland +2.5 at Minnesota

Minnesota is going to be awful this year. Adrian Peterson will not be enough.

Great Bet

Week 12: Chicago at Oakland Pick 'em

The Raiders own Jay Cutler, and I think the Bears are in for a big slide. Still, they should have a decent D. I say this is just a moderately good bet. Decent Bet

Week 13: Oakland +3.0 at Miami

The way the Dolphins offensive line was able to neutralize the Raiders defensive line last year, I am not taking this bet.

No Play

Week 14: Oakland +9.0 at Green Bay

Nine points is a lot, but on paper Green Bay is good if not better than last year and they seldom lose games in December at home. Stay away from this one.

No Play

Week 15: Detroit at Oakland -2.0

This should be a fun game. It will be a disaster if the Raiders O-line doesn't gel. I'd just stay away from this one.

No Play

Week 16: Oakland +3.0 at Kansas City 

Raiders will win this one by 123, but I'm still not going to bet it.

No Play

Week 17: San Diego at Oakland +1.5

I fail to see how they could be a seven point dog on the road to the Chargers and a 1.5 favorite on the road. If you are going to lay money on a Charger game, pick the first one.

Play Week 10 Instead