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Are The 49ers The Biggest Rival For Raider Fans?

There is a constant debate about who Oakland's biggest rival is. Many say the Broncos or Chiefs, because of the historical battles that have been fought between those franchises over the years and teh fact that they all play in the same Division and all have Super Bowl victories.

While I respect those rivalries, for me, the natural rival is the team that plays across the Bay in San Francisco.

You see, my family is pretty evenly split between the Raiders and Niners and I feel like vomiting every time that I walk into my in-law's house and have to see a sea of red or have to listen to my youngest brother talk about the Montana and Young glory days, but nothing gets me more ill than having to pay off bets every year to my Niner fan friends when the Raiders lose (Yes, even in the Pre-Season).

Oakland could go 1-15, with their one win being against the 49ers and at least I would be able to hold my head up high around my family and friends. If that one win was against the Broncos or Chiefs, it would mean something, somewhere, just not HERE.

Last season the Raiders went 6-0 in their Division, but, lost twice to the 49ers. In my circle of influence that means that the Raiders were just as bad as the Hapless Niners.

So, this game on Saturday will be fun and it will mean something to me. In fact, Mr. Davis hates losing to SF, even in the Pre-Season, so I would look for the team to dial it up a notch on Saturday, even if Hue wants to keep this thing "Vanilla" until Opening Night.