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Raiders' Louis Murphy Is Out for the Opener and Other Injury Updates

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The Oakland Raiders' Louis Murphy had surgery on his nick and he is going to be out for at least the opener against the Broncos. I actually don't know that it was surgery. Hue Jackson revealed only that Murphy had a "procedure," and that it was to his groin/hamstring. But unless they had Mr. Miyagi come in, clap his hands together and rub his...uh let's just say it was a surgery.

Although hamstring surgery doesn't make sense either because if it was a hamstring injury Murph would be on the shelf a lot longer than the opener. Of course, the most obvious answer is that it was some sort of groin injury. I hear those are common when dealing with Viagra addictions. 

Whatever it was must have happened recently. Murphy was recently starting to run again. Captain Obvious says, he had a setback. Jump over for more injury news....


And, come to find out, Chris Johnson had a similar "procedure." However, CJ is supposed to be back for the Raiders.

Samson Satele also received a nick, and he had to go to the hospital for tests. Wising up to the ways of Hue, someone asked him if it was a little or big nick. Hue says it is little.

But who the hell knows? He also said earlier in the week that CJ was just held out of practice and not injured.

The good injury news was that Hue said he believed Chaz Schilens would be ready for the opener. Maybe he will. Maybe he won't.

I am not going to expect anything with any of these guys, or anyone else when it comes to injuries. The Raiders clearly don't want us to know what is going on. And I am not overly concerned about it. Next man up, baby.

That said, I would still like them to bring in another corner to man up. Back for the opener or not, the injury to CJ only reinforces this belief fear.

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