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Oakland Raiders Injuries in Headlines Try to Evoke Worries in the Nation. Not Happening Here...

What we are seeing with all these "nicks" being reported in camp is the result of the brand of football Hue Jackson is telling us to expect as fans. He expects it as our new head coach, all his staff under him expect it from their respective positions, and, get this: all the players are simply buying in, and playing fast, hard, physical, and always uptempo.

This is what causes "nicks," occasionally in this game of football that requires high speed collisions in attempt to separate the guys from the ball or the ball from the guys; worst case scenario it puts players on PUP lists. On the offensive side it requires blockers, ball carriers, and receivers alike to kick the guy's ass across from them. This doesn't come from giving guys practices without contact, or allowing them to ever be lackadaisical about anything they do, in practice, in preseason game, or when every single fraction of a second count in season.

We know full well, that last year almost every team that played us lost the following week, and that was because we began playing a physical brand of football not seen for too long from this organization and the teams we fielded. It should be clear that we can expect to see that brand evolve to the next level this season, and by all indications from camp it appears we will.

It is high time to start believing, Nation, that this thing is whatever we want it to be if we know we can take it, and to start backing the man who will see that it manifests itself on the field this season in Hue Jackson. He's assembled a staff not seen around here since Gruden was in town, and brings back many of the guys who were here at that fateful hour. He's also filled the team with young, hungry, soldiers willing to stick their necks out and jump in front of a tank for their fellow man, and that, Nation, is plenty reason to be excited, fired up for the season, and ready to back Hue Jackson 100% until we lose a game.

Buckle up for a roller coaster ride, Raider Nation, that will have its ups and downs, but with our support can take this team and us to the promised land.

Thank you for your time. Good night, now.