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Oakland Raiders' Samson Satele Ready to Go for the 49ers

Straight from the great news department: Samson Satele was on the Oakland Raiders practice field Saturday and took the majority of the first team reps at center. He is expected to start against the 49ers on Saturday. Satele is far from the best Raider with an injury, but his preseason reps are about the most vital.

It's not Satele that I'm worried about. It is the collateral setbacks his absence would have caused. The offensive line for the Raiders is a very fluid situation. They need the consistency, and at some point, they need some time to practice together as a unit.

With Satele back, it frees up Wisniewski to get some run at left guard. Hopefully Wisniewski will trot out with the starters on Saturday. I'd also like to see Bruce Campbell get a series or two with the starting offensive line. Carlisle certainly doesn't need the extra reps. Let's see how Bruce looks against and with some starters.