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Oakland Raiders: As the Zach Miller Turns

The Oakland Raiders have not lost Zach Miller to the Seahawks...yet. Miller was reportedly being wined and dined by the Seahawks late into the evening last night. There was the fear that the dinner conversations would turn into a morning contract. The current state of Miller's negotiations with the scavagning Seagulls is not clear, but at least all availble internet signs—from anyone who might actually know—are pointing to Zach Miller returning.

Greg Papa told Vittorio Tafur:

Mr. Radio Greg Papa said on 95.7 that Zach Miller will be back w/ Oak. He should know. He actually gets to peek behind curtain.

Jerry McDonald reports that Papa even went a step further:

Raiders source (team employee Greg Papa on 95.7 FM radio) saying he thinks Zach Miller stays with Raiders, could be announced today.

Take that for what it's worth. I'm not so sure that Mr. Papa is going to be privy to any exclusive inside information, but I think his comments can certainly reflect the fact that there is still a positive feeling about the negotiations with Zach. Let's just hope now that the Seahawks didn't jack up the price on Miller, and that aren't intent on raising their offer until he says yes.