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Oakland Raiders Training Camp, Day 6: A Day Off?

So here I am just outside of Napa, Ca—ready to cover the Oakland Raiders training camp. But you know where the Raiders aren't? Napa, Ca. Hue Jackson gave this group of slackers a collective day off. I guess this team is willing to go to far lengths to not let me in the inner sanctum of training camp.

The lengths do not stop there. Raiders training camp is like an open camp except it is closed. A limited number of press types are allowed in, but even then those guys have limited access. The plan is that Saint and I going to be one of "those" guys, but the future of our press passes is still up in the air.

One way or another we'll get a story out of this. In the meantime, it sounds like a lot of the players are out and about in the Oakland area. Hopefully are all staying safe, and Jacoby Ford is resting his hand.

Jerry McDonald reported yesterday that Mr. Ford had a rather sizable cast on his injured left hand, and McDonald suspected he had surgery. I think this probably pushes him past the formerly proposed two-week return timetable. Let's just hope he is quick healer.