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Fantasy Football: Oakland Raiders Worth Drafting

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Fantasy Football is here. Hey everyone! Come check out fantasy football! Alright, so this is the second of our Yahoo fantasy football chitty-chats. Today is all about the fantasy prospects of the Oakland Raiders. And when you are talking Oakland Raiders and fantasy you start with the running game, end with the running game, and in the middle you forget about the passing game.

Darren McFadden proved last year that he is a fantasy super stud. While he occasionally misses out on some touchdowns as he gives way to Michael Bush in some goal line situations, but McFadden chews up yardage in chunks, and all signs point to McFadden increasing his output 2011. McFadden reported to camp in great shape, and there is no doubt he is going to be a focal point of this offense. The only question with McFadden is health, and that is a legitimate question.

And those health concerns make Michael Bush a worthwhile get. Bush—assuming he re-signs—is going to get his touches when McFadden is healthy, but his real value will come if McFadden gets hurt. Bush should be around late in fantasy drafts, and he could provide some huge weeks.

As for the passing game, there are only two names I would consider, and one of those names we aren't even sure will be a Raider. Wherever Zach Miller ends is likely to be one of the highest producing fantasy tight ends. Miller has never put up big touchdown numbers, but he is a solid and consistent producer.

The only other person I would consider from the Raiders' offense is Jacoby Ford. Ford can put up points in the return game, and by all accounts he is going to have a much bigger role in the offense. Now he just has to get his hand healthy in time so he can practice his enhanced role in the offense.