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Zach Miller Strikes it Rich with the Seahawks

Well Zach Miller has jumped the pirate ship and flown to the coup. This was the one thing I didn't expect to happen when free agency started. Nobody expected it. But this is what happens when guys are left dangling, and a team decides they want to offer big money.

Adam Schefter tweeted the details of Miller's new contract:

Zach inked with the Hawks for 5 years $34 million with $17 million guaranteed. I haven't compared this to other tight ends, but this is sure to be one of the biggest contracts a tight end has signed. The average annual salary is right around the franchise mark for tight ends.

That is big money. Do you wish the Raiders would have matched that? I am not so sure I do. Zach Miller has a few injury concerns, and while he has led the Raiders in receiving, he still only has 12 career touchdowns. There is no doubt I wanted Zach back, but he is gone.

Saint thinks he is way overpaid, "How many touchdowns has he dropped? $17 million a year is way overpaid."

Next man up for the Raiders. They have plenty of capable pass catchers coming out of the backfield. They can fill Miller's receiving production with Reece, McFadden, Taiwan Jones and hopefully Michael Bush. The Raiders can now bring in players that are better blockers. And possibly develop Ausberry into a legitimate receiving weapon.

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