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Oakland Raiders 2011 Free Agents: Signs Point to Samson Satele Returning

The 2011 Oakland Raiders free agent class is shaping up to be a re-signing party. It appears as if center Samson Satele is close to re-signing with the Raiders. There are no official reports on the contract negotiations, but Satele is with his teammates. To this, I can attest from first hand viewing. And reinforcing the fact that my own eyes are not deceiving me is the following tweet from Jacoby Ford:

Applebees flow with Bruce campbell. Sam Satelli and my man Khalif barnes.

There you have it. The Raiders are eating good in the neighborhood. And it appears that Satele, is part of that neighborhood. Now maybe Satele is just bored and wanted to hang out with his boys, but why is a free agent just going to be hanging around Napa if he isn't getting ready to practice?

I am all for Satele returning. He is great depth at center, he will push Stefen Wisniewski, and he could definitely push for a starting spot at guard. I didn't expect him to return, as I figured he would go to a team that hadn't already named a rookie as their starting center.