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Oakland Raiders vs. San Francisco 49ers: What I'll Be Watching

I'll be watching for the Oakland Raiders to bully the San Francisco 49ers all over the field. There's more, but I thought I'd get that out of the way first. Over the past few seasons, the 49ers have been the physically dominant team when these two have played or practiced against each other. That is simply unacceptable.

The Raiders need to be the Bully of the Bay.

I expect a bunch of starters to play the entire first half in this game, and I want to see and know that they are ready to be the aggressor—especially in the trenches. The 49ers strength is in their defensive front seven. This will be a great test for the Raiders young and developing offensive line. That line looked solid against the Cardinals, but this will be better test.

I fully expect the Raiders defensive front to exert their will over the 49ers young and developing offensive line. Jump over for more....

  • Stefen Wisniewski: Hopefully Wiz II will get some good run at LG. I am anxious to see how he handles the line of scrimmage. I want to see if he can get a good push off the line.
  • Bruce Campbell: Let's see if Campbell is ready to play in this league. I know I will be watching with full attention any time Campbell takes to the move when he is pulling.
  • DVD: DVD is going to be starting. I expect the Niners will target him early and often. It would be nice to see him make a play or two on the ball in this game.
  • The Passing Game: The 49ers defense should offer some opportunities for the passing offense to make some plays. Everything we have heard leads us to believe that this passing offense has taken the next step. It is time to see that on the field. I'd be on the look out for Denarius Moore to get plenty of opportunities to shine.
  • The Battle for the Last WR Spot: Derek Hagan has been having an excellent camp. Nick Miller looked against the Cards. Both Shaun Bodiford and Chad Jackson have had their moments in camp. This is hottest roster battle in camp. Let's see who steps up in game situations to win it.
  • Rolando McClain: Death Ro only got one series last game. He came into camp lighter and has reportedly looked good. I want to see him make some plays, and see if he has improved in his ability to avoid and get off of blocks.
  • Quentin Groves: Groves is likely going to start this game. However, the expectation is that once the regular season starts that Travis Goethel will take his spot. Can he do anything to stop this from happening? I doubt it, but I will be watching.
  • Punt coverage: Hiram Eugene was, and has been for a while, a solid gunner on a great punt coverage unit. Someone need to take his role.
  • Trent Edwards vs. Kyle Boller: Both of the backup QBs looked fantastic in the opener. Kyle Boller is currently the backup, but there is no doubt these two are battling for that honor.  
  • Sterling Moore: Moore needs to keep making plays if he wants to make this roster. I hope he gets plenty of opportunities to do so in this one. I expect he will.