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Oakland Raiders vs. San Francisco 49ers: First Half Recap and Second Half Open Thread

That was a horrible first half of football. That Oakland Raiders take a 3-0 deficit to the San Francisco 49ers into the locker room at halftime. And as ugly as the score looked the game was even uglier. The Raiders defense was getting used and abused. They were only saved by their tremendous goalline defense.

The Raiders couldn't stop the run or the pass.The 49ers had 20 rushes for 100 yards. Alex Smith was 8-for-13 and 126 yards. He did throw a pick. And that was one of the non-goal line defensive highlights for the Raiders. Matt Shaughnessy got the pick as he dropped back into coverage. As nice as it was the Raiders got a pick, it was even more encouraging that Shaughnessy picked it up on a zone blitz.

It will be nice to see them mix in a few plays like this to keep offenses honest and guessing.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Raiders moved the ball, but once again the first team was unable to find the endzone. Michael Bush looks great with six carries for 26 yards, and it is not like the offensive line was opening up huge holes.

The offensive line has struggled. There is no way around. Loper is worthless. Carlisle got beat. Veldheer got beat for a sack. There struggles led to Jason Campbell getting knocked out of the game. It looked like a minor injury and I am typing this with my fingers crossed.

The passing offense has looked solid. DHB had one of the best catches of his career as he jumped up in double coverage and came down with the ball on the sideline. Campbell was 5-for-7 with 74 yards before he was forced to leave.

It is worth noting that it was Trent Edwards to replace Campbell and not Boller. Edwards looked good, until he made a horrible decision and compounded said horrible decision by throwing into double coverage for a pick.

Anyway, second half comment away.....