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Two People Shot Outside of Candlestick After Raiders 49ers Game

Tonight's game was disappointing, but it was just a game. There are things far more serious in this world, like bullets. More specifically bullets shot from guns. Unfortunately, those two things were inexplicably and tragically intertwined on Saturday night. Incidents led to two men being shot. One of which is in critical condition. The second victim's wounds were described as superficial.

The San Francisco Gate reported some of the details.

A man wearing a "F- the 49ers" T-shirt was shot outside Candlestick Park shortly after the end of Saturday night's preseason game. ...Police detained a suspect shortly after the shooting: a man wearing Raiders apparel who was found on a party bus in an RV section of the parking lot.

By the evidence provided, it sounds like Raider on Raider crime. That makes no sense to me. I'd say that I hope that wasn't the case, but what difference does that make? People lost their heads, and now one of them is in critical condition. Here is to hoping for a full recovery and swift justice.

It sounds like it was crazy night at the Stick. Paul Gutierrez tweeted this during the game:

"Shocking lack of security for brawl in stands. Fought so long and so hard they quit on their own, walk off on own before security showed."

Gutierrez added this after the game after being asked who was fighting:

"Two Niners fans...with Raider fan playing peace keeper."