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Raiders' Jason Campbell Likely Suffered a Concussion

Jason Campbell should never play in another preseason game against the 49ers. At least not while he is a Raider. Last year Campbell was removed strapped to a stretcher. This year Campbell walked off, but he was still a little woozy.  Campbell is going to undergo concussion tests on Sunday. Campbell uttered this through the cobwebs after the game:

"I am doing all right. I took a knee to the head. When it happened, everything kind of went dizzy, drop out for a minute. It’s unexpected, something you can’t prepare for. I’m just glad I’ll be all right."

Everyone recovers from concussions at different rates, and part of that is largely due to how concussed they are in the first place. I wouldn't be shocked if the concussion test come back positive that Campbell is held out of next week's contest. Campbell had a good day throwing the ball. but not putting points on the board. Although they were driving when he got knocked out. All in all, I thought it was a solid showing for Jason, with the one exception being a first and goal where he had Boss open off of a play action fake and didn't pull the trigger.

Kevin Boss also injured his knee. He said it was a minor sprain and he'd be fine.