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Oakland Raiders Drafted Terrelle Pryor to be a Quarterback

There is no doubt in my mind that the Raiders drafted Terrelle Pryor to be a QB. That doesn't mean I don't think they won't ever line him up at wide receiver or try to utilize him in other ways while he is on the roster. I am just convinced that they are going to make turning him into their QB of the future their top priority.

Otherwise, I do not see them making this pick in the first place. The Raiders went out on a limb by taking Pryor in the third-round. By almost all accounts that is a reach. They would not have made that bold of move if they just thought he was a project wide receiver.

This team is loaded with young receivers, and they have been reluctant to bring in anyone else into that mix while those guys develop. I don't see them making their first ever supplemental pick on a guy just to throw him into an already deep and young position.

Still, it is nice to know that if Pryor doesn't look good at QB he has the ability to try another position. That is not a bad safety net on a third-round pick. One that I think they will probably need. I have never thought Pryor was going to make it as an NFL QB. It certainly would not be an oddity if he didn't make it as an NFL QB. Not many third-round selections do make it as starting NFL QBs.

Jump over for a list of the last 10 third-round QBs taken in the draft....

I lifted this list straight from

Ryan Mallett, New England (No. 75 overall, 2011): Off to a good start in his first preseason, Mallett has the added luxury of being able to sit and learn behind Tom Brady.

Colt McCoy, Cleveland (85, 2010): Exact opposite situation to Mallett’s. Started eight games in his rookie season and now has total control of Browns’ offense.

• Kevin O’Connell, New England (94, 2008): Trying to hang on to a roster spot in Miami, which is his fourth NFL team in four years.

Trent Edwards, Buffalo (92, 2007): He’s Pryor’s teammate in Oakland now and a good bet to be Jason Campbell’s backup once the regular season starts. His best year was 2008 — 14 starts, 11 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

Charlie Whitehurst, San Diego (81, 2006): Traded from San Diego to Seattle after throwing no passes in four years. He made two starts last season for the Seahawks but is currently stuck behind Tarvaris Jackson.

Brodie Croyle, Kansas City (85, 2006): Currently without a team after five subpar years with the Chiefs. Croyle made six starts in 2007, then two in 2008, and one in both 2009 and 2010.

Charlie Frye, Cleveland (67, 2005): Suffered a season-ending injury during the 2010 preseason in Oakland and, like Croyle, doesn’t have a team right now. He started 13 games for the Browns in 2006 but never got a true shot at a No. 1 QB role after that.

Andrew Walter, Oakland (69, 2005): Walter was released by the Raiders prior to the 2009 season, signed with the Patriots, then was released again before ever playing a regular-season game.

David Greene, Seattle (85, 2005): He spent time with four different teams but finished his NFL career with zero regular season games played.

Matt Schaub, Atlanta (90, 2004): The silver lining in all these picks, but even Schaub struggled early on — he was stuck behind Michael Vick on the Falcons’ roster and didn’t catch his break until he was traded to Houston in 2007. He’s been one of the NFL’s top QBs over the past two years.