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Terrelle Pryor Talks About Being an Oakland Raider

Watch Terrelle Pryor talk publicly for the first time as a member of the Oakland Raiders. Pryor says all the right things. He doesn't say them with a lot of energy though. But I can say, compared to the last QB the Raiders he talks like a 12-year-old at a sleepover sponsored by Rockstar.

I like his attitude when asked about rather or not he is going in as a QB or not. "I am a QB." He makes it known that he will do what he can to help the team win, but I love the fact that he knows what he wants to do. 

This whole time I have been down on Pryor. I have said plenty of times that I didn't want the Raiders to draft him. But I have to admit, now that he is here, it is hard not to get excited about him. He looks so much better in the highlights now. That release; his fluid movements. Everything looks better now that he is a Raider.

I find myself having to remind myself of all the deficiencies I saw before, so I don't get carried away with expectations. Whatever. I do know I am excited to watch him try to figure it all out.

Can someone please tell him it is Silver and Black though—not black and silver.