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Oakland Raiders: Grim Injury News

The young linebacker that almost all of us had hoped would take over the weakside starting duties for Quentin Groves is likely done for the season. Travis Goethel has a tear in his knee. Levi Damien of Thoughts from the Darkside tweeted the dark news.

This is a huge blow to a frighteningly thin linebacker corps. Goethel was not just the man pegged to start at weakside, but he was also the backup middle linebacker. The Raiders will undoubtedly have to hit the waiver wire and readdress Lofa Tatupu. This also may open the door for the return of Kirk Morrison

Out of these options my preference is with Morrison. Lofa has serious injury concerns of his own, and the prospects of him being able to make a full 16 game season are slim. A lot slimmer than Lofa. My Seahawk following friends were shocked at how big Lofa looked when he showed up to Hawk camp.

There is a good chance that this is why he is still yet to find a home. Come back, Captain Kirk! We need you.