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Oakland Raiders: Taiwan Jones is Even Fast for a Raider

If you stand out for being fast on the Oakland Raiders' practice field, you have to be almost Usain Bolt fast. And that is exactly what Taiwan Jones has done since returning to practice from a hamstring injury. Jones has broken a few off in practice and his breakaway speed has made everyone take notice.

Coaches are left drooling, players are left hollering, and reporters are left trying to find ways to describe it. The most common terms about Jones speed is "blazing, gliding" and "on rails." It seems that Jones cuts through the air with such a smooth gait that you can only really tell how fast he is moving by watching other fast players get left in his wake.

I can't wait to see him in action, and I am sure we will get to see a healthy dose of Taiwan on Sunday against the Saints. McFadden will be out, and the Raiders have little reason to give Michael Bush a large workload.