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Saints vs. Raiders: I Guarantee This Will Go Better Than 2009

There have been several low points as a Raider fan in the new millennium; the lowest for me just may have been the third game of the 2009 preseason. And is is saying a lot for the massive debauchery of that performance that a preseason game could even be considered for that list.

But that game went so badly that even the Silver and Black Kool-Aid tasted sour by game's end. The Saints scored at will. Almost every play they ran worked exactly as they drew it up. Drew Brees played just over a quarter and finished 14-for-17 with 179 yards and two touchdowns.

Brees was scheduled to play more, but after leading the Saints on three touchdown drives on the first three possession Sean Payton decided to sit him on the bench. I am sure Brees faced more resistance than that in practice.

There were comments from Saints players afterward saying how disorganized and confused the Raiders defense was pre-snap.

And the Raiders did little to answer the Saints with their own offense as JaMarcus Russell looked as lost as ever in his unceremonious homecoming. 

It is hard to believe that was just two short years ago. While last week's game showed there are still demons this team is trying to conquer, we can all rest assured that performances like this one are a thing of the past.