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New Orleans Saints vs. Oakland Raiders Second Half Open Thread

The Raiders defense only allowed 33 rushing yards in the first half. That is a refreshing sight after last week's poor performance against the run. Of course, the Saints had little reason to run the ball since they could pass it anywhere they wanted, And mostly they wanted to pass it on the guy DVD was guarding. 

DVD simply has to get better at playing the ball. He is in position on most of the plays, he just does little with it. That is the way it goes with a rookie. And make no mistake about it, starting as a DB against the Saints is no easy task,

The offense got some nice things going. The running game looks solid. The offensive line was decent and Michael Bush and Taiwan Jones looked fantastic. The unquestioned star of the first half was Derek Hagan. Hagan was absolutely fantastic and is now certainly a lock to make the roster.