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Oakland Raiders' Taiwan Jones Highlights

Taiwan Jones made quite the impact in his first NFL action. I was fired up to see him before the game, and I am even more excited to see him now.

All props go to AlwaysWinBaby for posting these highlights in the fanposts. So check out his post and go vote on his poll where he asks if Taiwan Jones reminds you more of Charlie Garner or Chris Johnson. Personally, I don't get the comparisons to Garner. Garner was more of a stop, juke and cut runner. Jones is more of a glide, slash and go. Garner would make two or three cuts in one move, whereas Jones is more of a one cut and go. He uses fluid, high speed subtle moves to make people miss in space.

I also see a little of Marcus Allen in Jones running style. There is just so much grace and fluidity in his gliding running style, and not the violence of the start, stop and start style of Garner.

Taiwan Jones (via Str33tBaLL808)