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2011 Oakland Raiders Free Agents: Raiders Sign a Back-Up Offensive Line

Once Zach Miller was gone it is obvious they made filling the offensive line was the Raiders' priority No. 1. After a flurry of activity, they were just one guard away from signing an entire offensive line on Tuesday. So welcome to the Raiders: tackles Stephon Heyer and Seth Wand, guard Justin Smiley, and welcome home, Samson Satele. They'll join in the offensive line battle with Jared Veldheer, Daniel Loper, Stefen Wisniewski, Cooper Carlisle, Bruce Campbell, Joe Barksdale and Khalif Barnes. There are also a few undrafted linemen in camp, but there chances at making the roster just took a nosedive. 

Last year the Raiders carried nine offensive linemen. That leaves 11 players competing for nine or ten spots. This move makes you wonder about Bruce Campbell's health. Campbell may be looking to start the year on the disabled list. This also means that Mario Henderson and Langston Walker will probably sign with the Seahawks tomorrow.

Here's a look at the new guys:

Stephon Heyer: Offensive Tackle - 6'6 - 332 lbs. - Age: 27

Check out our first assessment of this move.

Justin Smiley: G - 6'3 - 310 lbs - Age: 29

Justin Smiley was pulled from the Jaguars left guard position after five starts last year, and the Jaguars offensive line dramatically improved. He was set two make a 2 million this year and the Jaguars cut him.

I don't think the Jaguars fans at Big Cat Country are going to be terribly upset to see him go. Alfie Crow on Big Cat Country:

Aaron Schatz from Football Outsiders was on with Pete Prisco on 930 The Fox discussing some of these rankings. He specifically made mention that the Jaguars offensive line improved quite a bit when left guard Justin Smiley was replaced in the lineup by Vince Manuwai, especially in the run game.

Justin Smiley, gave up 2 sacks in his 5 starts and was called for 3 false starts and a single holding call.

Stephon Heyer: Offensive Tackle - 6'6 - 332 lbs. - Age: 27

Seth Wand: Offensive Tackle - 6'7 - 330 lbs. - Age 31 (on August 4th)

Seth Wand has been out of the NFL for two years.

Out of the new guys, Heyer has the best chance of starting. Hopefully Joe Barksdale outplays him and plays as good as he says he is going to.

More on the offensive line to come....