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The Oakland Raiders' Offensive Line Takes Shape

We have a pretty good look at what the 2011 Oakland Raiders' offensive line is going to look like. There are 11 non-undrafted rookies on the roster. Those 11 guys are battling it out for 9-10 roster spots. And those 9-10 players are trying to block their way into the starting five. After the jump take a look at the projected depth chart....

Left Tackle: Jared Veldheer, Khalif Barnes

This is definitely Veldheer's job to lose. Veld needs to step up his pass blocking this year, but after a fast transition and a solid season this second year player gave us every reason to think he will improve.

Barnes has starting LT experience. But he will also likely be in the competition for the RT spot.

Left Guard: Daniel Loper, Samson Satele, Justin Smiley

This battle is likely going to be Loper and Smiley. And is there any difference between the two?

Center: Stefen Wisniewski, Samson Satele

Wisniewski has to go out and proves he belongs in this league. If he doesn't Satele is a solid back-up option.

Right Guard: Cooper Carlisle, Bruce Campbell, Samson Satele

It would be nice to Satele win this spot. He would look good as a pulling guard on runs left. Satele was also the Raiders best O-linemen on screens. He is excellent in the second lever.

Even better than Satele winning this job would be to have Bruce Campbell win it. However, it is going to be hard for him to do that while standing injured on the sideline.

Right Tackle: Stephon Heyer, Khalif Barnes, Joe Barksdale

This is anyone's job. It would be great to see Barksdale come out and win this job. But if he can't at least the Raiders have two players with experience to fall back on.

These guys are going to have big shoes to fill. Langston Walker had a hard time stopping pass rushers in 2010, but he was a monster in the run game.

This line does not inspire me with a great amount of confidence, but it does fill me with hope. If Wisniewski and Barksdale prove to be legitimate starters in this league and Veldheer take the next step, this line has an incredible young nucleus to build around.