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2011 Oakland Raiders Free Agents: Kevin Boss is in the Raiders' Sights

The Oakland Raiders are forging on in their search for 2011 NFL free agents. And, I don't know if you noticed or not, but there is a new opening at the tight end position. Enter Kevin Boss, the 27-year-old 6'6", 253 pound free agent tight end from the New York Giants. Kevin Boss has not yet been inked to a deal, but he was most definitely in for a visit.

After the Raiders practice had ended, Kevin Boss was on the field taking passes from undrafted rookie Jordan Secla while Hue Jackson and Jason Campbell looked on. Hue Jackson addressed Boss' visit in his post practice media Q and A.

Jackson mentioned that Mike Waufle spent time with Boss on the Giants and had nothing but good things to say about the young man. Zach who? The Raiders can almost instantly erase the sting of Miller leaving by adding Kevin Boss. Boss is not the route runner that Miller is, but he is decent. He has comparable hands to Miller and he is a superior blocker.

Here is ESPN's take:

Boss continues to be a consistent performer. He is a big, strong player with deceptive speed and quickness. He is a physical blocker and is able to set the edge in the running game. Boss understands leverage and angles. He has reliable hands as a receiver and is a solid route runner for his size. He can break arm tackles but will not make a defender miss. Kevin Boss has developed his overall game each of his four years in the league.