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Justin Smiley Happy To Be An Oakland Raider:

I just had a chance to chat with Justin Smiley as he signed some paperwork here in Napa and he is ecstatic to be in Oakland. He is happy for the chance to prove that he deserves to be here and he is NOT DONE YET.

He sees himself as a bully in this offense and that is just what we are looking for.

The last couple of years have been tough for this hard nosed offensive guard. He had a shoulder injury that ended his 2009 season in Miami and then missed time with Jacksonville due to an ankle injury.

Last week he was unceremoniously released by the hapless Jaguars. In our conversation he did not say a bad thing about the Jags or how they released him, he just really wants to get after it and prove the naysayers wrong.

For those of you who know about his career with the Forty Niners you know that he was a force in the running game who opened holes for Frank Gore during Gore's good years. He was a head cracker who could get to the second level and lay people out. This is exactly what Oakland will need to execute the Hue Jackson and Al Saunders offense.

Oakland Raider NATION! Join me in welcoming Justin Smiley to our team. He is happy to be a Raider and he is ready to get after it!


- Saint