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2011 Oakland Raiders' Personnel Packaging: What Was Effective, What Wasn't; 1st team Results

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Initial assessments from first watching revealed we were able to move the ball fairly easily down the field, and New Orleans was able to do their thing easily versus our starters, sans Richard Seymour, Chris Johnson, and John Henderson.

Onto the breakdown... hit the jump and let's see what the film reveals:

The Saints come out in 20 personnel: 2 backs, 0 TEs, 3 wide receivers. Devery Henderson flanking weak side versus DeMarcus Van Dyke, and Marques Colston strong side versus Stanford Routt. Brees seems to like the one on one matchup with DVD, and when Henderson comes off the line unjammed, he locks in and completes a thirty yard strike; Van Dyke's back to the ball and Brees, right over his left shoulder.

1st and 10 on 45 in Raiders territory. Saints now in 21 personnel, weakside I formation, two wideouts lined up on the left side, and TE Graham goes about 12 yards and cuts out with Tyvon Branch covering. Brees hits him in the hands in the dirt, a little ahead of him, and it falls incomplete. Should've been caught.

2nd and 10, 45 yard line. Empty backfield, single TE, four wideout set, two flank, two slot. TE Jimmy Graham looks for room in the seam with McClain stepping into the passing lane, tight coverage, knocking the ball down. Nice play by Rolando.

3rd and 10, 45. 10 personnel, single back, four wideout set. Raiders d backs up on the line, w/ exception of single high safety, indicating 1 on 1 on flankers. Robert Meachem goes down and in with the catch on DeMarcus Van Dyke, again with his back to the ball, tight coverage, and Brees hits his front shoulder for the first down.

1st and 10, 26 yard line. Saints come out in 11 personnel, single back, 1 TE, three wide receiver set, with Jimmy Graham lined up weakside. Brees hits Graham in the left side flats off the play action to Ingram, and Branch closes quickly to make the tackle for no YAC. Collinsworth notes Henderson has DVD beat deep, for the easy touchdown had Drew seen him, but the pressure from RDE Trevor Scott who gets quickly off the block and into the passing lane probably forced him to checkdown.

2nd and 6. The give to Ingram from the no huddle, quickly snuffed out for no gain.

3rd and 6, 22 yard line. Saints again in single back, four wideout spread package. Sproles the single back, is hit in the left side flats, with Rolando coming in quickly to push him out of bounds. Illegal formation called, with LT Bushrod off the line. Penalty is declined, bringing up 4th and 2, Saints again hurrying up to the line.

4th and 2, pass to Marques Colston now on the left side, who is allowed to quick slant in on DeMarcus Van Dyke who fails to jam at the line (again) for the easy completion and first down.

1st and goal, Saints in 21 personnel, backs in the I formation, Jimmy Graham off left tackle, motioning right before the snap, no one follows him indicating zone coverage. The give to Mark Ingram who runs off tackle right side down to the 1 yard line. Defensive line lost the point of attack here, and was pushed back to allow Ingram a few extra after contact.

2nd and goal on the 1. Saints again go no huddle, same package and formation, this time the give to Ingram off the left side between the tackles and is met at the 1 for no gain, but flag is called on Graham for the false start.

2nd and goal from the 7. 21 personnel, strong side offset I formation, Graham on strong side, two wide receivers flanking. Another quick slant to Colston, again untouched off the line, for the completion back down to about the 1 yard line. At this point, Brees is locking on to whomever DVD is covering, and appears to know he'll be open.

3rd and goal from the 1. Saints no huddle again, same personnel, now lined up in the I formation. The give is to Ingram between the tackles on the right side behind Jahri Evans (big day for him) and walks in easily for the TD. D line again lost the point of attack, and is pushed back to allow a big hole for Ingram to march right in, diving at the line. 5:15 second, 80 yard, eleven play drive, 8 passes, three rushes by the Saints to produce the touchdown.

Raiders ball, 1st and 10 from their 9 yard line. Raiders in 21 personnel, offset weakside I formation, TE Myers lined up left side. The give to Michael Bush off left tackle, picks up a few yards.

2nd and 7 on the 12. Again, it's 21 personnel, but Marcel lines up TE left side, then motions into the I in front of Bush, two wide receivers. The deep pass to Heyward-Bey is short, and Darrius turns around at the sideline to attempt the catch; it hits his right arm and falls incomplete. Collinsworth points out that Darrius just needed to set up CB Patrick Robinson with a little move or juke to create some separation in one-on-one coverage, but the film shows he just runs the fly. It was also a pretty catchable ball; difficult, as he had to turn his body, but he got a hand on it, with Robinson reaching between his arms to break it up.

3rd and 7, 12 yard line. Raiders lined up in what looks like 21 pro form, but it's actually Nick Miller in the backfield weak side, Bush strong side. Brandon Myers is lined up on the left, and motions to the right slot, while Nick Miller motions to line up between Barnes and Myers on the right, finally motioning back left before the snap, and back to the right. A man follows Miller, indicating man coverage. The ball is snapped, and Derek Hagan lined up on the left quick slants in to make a nice catch for the first down. This possession receiver has been missing from our passing game bigtime, and Hagan is filling the role superbly, this time against tight coverage making a grab during contact.

1st and 10, 25 yard line. Looks like single back, but Marcel Reece is lined up left side flanker, and Myers again on the left side. Reece motions right to the offset strong side I formation, while Myers motions from left TE to right, Michael bush deep in the backfield. Reece finally motions to the weak side before the snap, the quick slant in pass from Campbell to Denarius Moore flanking right to the 30 yard line is complete.

2nd and 5, 30 yard line, and the Raiders come out no huddle. Quick pass to Marcel Reece in the left side flats for a gain of about 4.

3rd and 1, 34 yard line. 21 personnel, backs in the I formation, Myers lined up strong side, with the right side flanker tight right, and about a yard deep in what looks like a Max protect set. The HB cutback to Bush who starts left and cuts back right, easily picks up the first down and a couple. Right side of the line nice cutback blocking on this play, and they win the point of attack, easily creating a nice lane for Bush to build a head of steam.

1st and 10, 36 yard line. Looks like single back, 11 personnel, Myers lined up strong side TE, with three wide receivers bunched left, but Michael Bush motions to the I, disguising the 21 personnel. Denarius motions from left to right, and the HB draw to Bush nets a couple more in the dirt.

2nd and 8, 38 yard line. 21 personnel, backs lined up in the weak side offset I, Derek Hagan and Denarius Moore swapping sides in motion before the snap. The give is to Michael Bush between the tackles, and Jason does a nice job of selling a potential play action, and Bush easily picks up the first down. Brandon Myers with a nice block to help create the lane.

1st and 10, 51 yard line in Saints' territory. Raiders in a single back, two TE set, the give to Bush who starts left, cutting back right, narrowly escaping Shaun Rogers who blew up Samson Satele, who is lined up in the gap outside Rogers, at the point of attack, ragdolling him to the ground. Michael Bush then jukes his way around the pursuit on the right side to pick up a nice first down. We absolutely need to sign this guy long term.

1st and 10, 39 yard line, Raiders again no huddle, again same personnel, single back, two TEs, two wideouts. This time the back is Rock Cartwright in for Michael bush, and Rock gets a three yard gain off the left side. Rogers again penetrating the backfield, but unable to make a play.

2nd and 7, 36 yard line. Still single back, 12 personnel. Campbell drops back, sees Hagan one-on-one in the dirt, hits him on the quick slant, and Hagan breaks free for the TD on Tracy Porter, who loses his footing in the dirt, with Hagan finishing him off with a well-timed stiff arm off balance, for the 35 yard TD catch and run. Raiders drive 91 yards for the TD.

More to come, from next drives, in a new post. Game knotted at 7, with both teams fielding most of their first teamers; I won't get into who didn't play, as we are all pretty aware of who that is! One has to believe that CJ, Seymour, and big bad John Henderson would've seen a different outcome against Drew F. Brees, but that's another matter!