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Oakland Raiders Training Camp: Hue Jackson Was Disappointed with the Intensity Level 8/3

Hue Jackson is a constant source of motivation for the Raiders in practice. You might even go as far as calling him an instigator. In some one-on-one blocking drills, Hue was chiding both sides, before and after the snap. He is doing what he can to create a competitive environment. 

He also likes his practices quick and crisp. At one point of practice Hue Jackson had the offense re-huddle because he didn't like the pace. It certainly seemed like they were working at a decent pace—just don't tell Hue Jackson that. The first thing Jackson said when meeting the media was, "That was not a Raiders practice." This guy isn't going to settle for anything less than perfection.

Jackson admitted that it can be tough for guys to get up to speed after a day off, but he was still not happy with the intensity after the pads were removed.

Check out his post practice Q and A on 

Hue goes over Kevin Boss being in camp. He also made a point of telling everyone that Samson Satele will be battling with Wisniewski for the starting center spot. He goes over injuries and a lot more.