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Oakland Raiders: Samson Satele Should Start at Center Over Stefen Wisniewski

The Oakland Raiders' offensive line would be 15 percent better if the freshly re-signed Samson Satele starts at center over Stefen Wisniewski. Let me explain how I came to such a precise figure: I wouldn't make this mover because Satele is better than Wisniewski. I'd make this mover because Satele is better than Loper, Carlisle and Smiley.

The Raiders guards are shaping up to be this team's Achilles' Heel. In a close battle of ineptitude, Carlisle may be the best guard on the roster. We have all talked about Samson Satele moving to guard, but Satele has been entrenched as a center. It would be unreasonable to assume that Satele would be as good at guard as he is at center.

Stefen Wisniewski, on the other hand, is likely to be as good at guard as he is at center in the NFL. In fact, heading into the draft some scouts thought he would be playing guard in the NFL. And that is where this moves makes sense.

Wisniewski and Satele are the best interior linemen on the team. You should find the combo that gives you the highest percentage of position optimization—I call it the ppo—between those two. You get a 100 percent G Wisnieski and C Satele; instead of 85 percent G Satele and 100 percent C Wisniewski.

I'd explain the equation I used to arrive at that precise figure, but it is far too hard for even me to understand.