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2011 Oakland Raiders Training Camp: Signed Free Agents Can Start Practicing Today, 8/4

My grueling task of taking Silver and Black Pride into the Oakland Raiders training camp finds me sitting in the sunbathed courtyard of a hotel far more luxurious than the I've been sleeping in. My dedication was just now wildly apparent as I moved to a different couch so that the sun light would not prevent me from seeing computer screen. I'm pretty anxious to get on the field today. Reports are spreading fast that newly signed and re-signed free agents can take the practice field for the first time today. 

I think that is going to make the offensive line the most interesting group to watch. Samson Satele, Stephon Heyer, and Jon Smiley all are likely in a fierce battle for a starting spot. I am going to see if they line up Satele exclusively at center today, or if they try to start breaking him in at guard. Also, with Satele in camp, are they going to give Wisniewski any reps at guard? I expect Heyer will spend the majority of his time at right tackle, and Smiley at left guard. I will find out shortly if this is the case.

Also coming down the pike today was the news that teams were granted a 24-hour extension to become compliant with the new salary cap rules. That gives the Raiders until Friday at 1 pm PDT to re-work enough money on contracts to get them legal.

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