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Stanford Routt Open To Restructuring His Contract:

It appears that Stanford Routt is open to helping the Oakland Raiders be a winner THIS year.

Today, when asked about restructuring his contract in order to help the team get better this year he replied:

"Oh yeah, I am down to do anything to help the team."

When asked if the team has approached him about restructuring he had this to say:

"As of right now, like I said, anything that we have to work out, we'll work out."

Depending upon who's right, the Oakland Raiders are either 15 million over the cap or 5 million under it, so your guess is as good as mine as to how important it will be to restructure Stanford's contract, but, as a Raider fan, I am glad to see that he is willing to do what he can to help the team.

His attitude was pretty apparent when he answered a question about being satisfied with sweeping the Division last season:

"We went 6-0 in the Division, we swept the Division, but we actually looked at that as a failure of not making the playoffs than something of a triumph. And we just gotta keep getting better because going 6-0 in the Division and not going to the playoffs is a failure."

I am liking the moxie that he is displaying and I am hoping for big things from Mr. Routt this year.