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Oakland Raiders: What New York Giants Fans are Saying About Losing Kevin Boss

Well, it has been a long and winding free agent road for the Oakland Raiders, and for the first time the Raiders have signed a player from a team (New York Giants) whose departure draws a passionate reaction from their fan base. So I figured I'd venture over to Big Blue View and see what their fans were saying.

Much like we have done here, many of the fans instantly point out why they are not at all bothered by him leaving. Jump over for thoughts straight from the minds and fingers of Giants fans....


That guy

won’t last 4 years, if he makes it past two years, I’d be surprised.

ugh shame to see him go,

I do have faith in our current guys (including Beckum who has been having an awesome camp so far) and Pascoe to TE could work out just as well.

But sad to see him actually go. Guy was a Giant to the T and always gave it his all. He is one tough mudda, and I wish him the best in Oakland.


Gotta say I was hoping this would happen…lets go Beckum!

I'm gonna move my Kevin Boss argument over here

Kevin Boss leaving is a blessing in disguise if you ask me… The guy was slow and a below average receiving option. Sure he was a great blocker but honestly, so are a lot of guys. ben Patrick is also a great blocker.

I look for Travis Beckum to turn a lot of heads this season by having an exceptional year catching the ball

I remember when Shockey got hurt and we had this big tall gangly TE who couldn't block for his life

he steps in and while he’s no where near Jeremy Shockey, he still is pretty good. The next offseason while people are intrigued on Boss, still many wanted a TE cuz its not like Boss aside from one catch in the SB was all that great overall.

Boss is a solid player. I don’t think it’ll be completely seamless but I don’t think he’s worth tying up $4mil in cap room for the next 4 years.


My guess is this:
Boss’s wife drove this decision. I’ll bet when the dust settles, we find out that he wanted to move west from the beginning. I’ve seen his photo on Twitter and methinks the "BossMan" is a bit whipped.

And some fans just choose to vent, or say what the team is going to miss about Boss:

Terrible offseason so far
Bad for us, but glad for Kevin

Good player enjoyed him while he was here, we could have kept him. How much are the raiders over the cap now, they have got to have a fire sale sooner or later right?

aren't the raiders like 14+ mill over the cap?

wtf is this……how……i don’t understand.

This one stings a little bit
He was good,

But not great, i think the reason people are so upset is because he really excelled at blocking. Which is what we use the TE position for mostly, and since we were talking about running the ball more. He was a key part to our run game. Thats the real blow to this team.

-1. The man already has a ring.

And im sure going home had a lot to do with his decision. That and the raiders throw to the TE a lot more than the Giants do.

What the hell is with all the hate because a guy went home and got a raise?
Yesterday everybody on here couldnt wait to get Boss back and now that he is going to another team, we are better off without him? we are better off with a guy that couldnt beat out boss on the Depth chart?