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Checking In From Oakland Raider Training Camp: Day Three

Wow, Raider fans, there is a buzz in this place today! The signing of Kevin Boss has everyone pumped, you can feel it. 

On my way in I greeted Jim Plunkett in the parking lot and then passed my man Maurice Bradshaw in the lobby. Have I told you that I am in heaven?

While everyone here is looking for an angle or some breaking news for their REAL job, I am here taking it all in. You know, living the dream of any fan writer.

I have Vito, J-Mac and Corc in here while I type away at these keys. For the first time in my writing "Career", I don't have to copy and paste a link from them in order to get the scoop. I am living the scoop.

I knew that Boss was coming here before anyone else because I had dinner next to he and Hue the other night. I just did not want to blow their cover because, as a fan, I didn't want the Giants or any other team to think that he may actually be coming here.

I bet that Adam Schefter is eating his man panties right now just thinking about the Oakland Raiders getting under the cap WITHOUT losing anybody and THEN signing Boss for 4 milayear.

We just got out of the officials meeting where they go over the new rules for the year and I even received a handy dandy OFFICIAL rule book that has the stats for every penalty committed in 2010, broken down by team, as well as the new rules for 2011.

I will have updates on these after practice, but, in short, a jersey near the collar is now a horse-collar, the qb's will be even more protected and Calvin Johnson's catch is still NOT a catch!

We are off to the field in 15 minutes, so I have to get ready: Be sure to follow me on Twitter @silverandblackp for all of the Oakland Raider Updates. For those of you expecting video, I have had some technical difficulties, but I have a ton of footage for all of you!