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Moore, Moore and More From TFTDS:

One of the great pleasures of being in Oakland Raider camp has been the relationships that I have began to form with a few of the other writers. One, in particular, Levi Damien, of Thoughts From the Dark Side, has sort of taken me under his wing and let me know how things work (For example, each writer takes a piece of the interviews and then sends it around the crew). He is also one heckuva writer.

Today, he had a great recap of the days events that I am linking here. It if funny to see the things that we spoke about being put into words. At one point, I was keying on the Center while he was keying on the runner. Good stuff and thanks Levi! Although you spilled Gatorade on my computer!!! ;)

His takes on the Moore duo and the matchups in camp are spot on. Enjoy!