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Oakland Raiders: Lofa Tatupu and Kelvin Hayden are on the Raiders Radar

Lofa Tatupu visited the Oakland Raiders earlier in the week. He then went onto to visit other teams and we haven't heard much since. According to Jason LaCanfora of NFL. com the Raiders are still interested. LaCanfora also reported that the Silver and Black are eying CB Kelvin Hayden. LaCanfora:

I’m hearing from sources around the league that the Bears, Redskins and Raiders all have at least some interest in free agents LB Lofa Tatupu and CB Kelvin Hayden.

Both Tatupu and Hayden are just 28, and already have years of big time starting experience. However, they are both available because they can't stay healthy.

Hayden in 6'0 and 198 pounds, and has been a starter the past four seasons for the Colts. Hayden played 11 games in 2010 and ended his season on injured reserve after a neck injury. He appears to be healthy now. According to the Chicago Tribune, "A source close to Hayden said the player recently passed a physical."

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As long as he does not require a big, long term deal, Hayden's acquisition would be fantastic. The Raiders need some experience at the corner position. As it is now, they are just one injury away from having a rookie or second year player starting. And between the injury concerns of Chris Johnson and Hayden, you'd like to hope they could at least get a season's worth of games out of them.

The talks with Tatupu are more interesting. I failed to see why Tatupu would be so eager to visit the Raiders knowing that they have Rolando McClain firmly entrenched at middle linebacker. However, McClain might not be as entrenched there as I thought.

Jerry McDonald tweeted this nugget yesterday:

Not likely to come to pass, but idea has been floated within organization to move Ro-Mac outside, Goethel MLB. Reasoning behind Ro-Mac, Goethel debate . . some feel Goethel better at taking on blockers, Ro-Mac better at angles.

Could it be that the Raiders are considering bringing in Lofa to play the middle? If they did, it would certainly increase the Raiders' linebackers ability to play pass defense. Lofa is a fine pass defender. However, he is not going to dominate in the run game, and one of his biggest liabilities is the ability to shed blockers. The same liability that has the Raiders considering moving McClain to the outside.

Of course, the biggest upside would be that would mean that McClain knocks Groves out of the starting lineup, and Goethel wouldn't have to be rushed into the starting lineup.